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We have a total of 20 turtles in the sanctuary. We have Painted turtles, Snapping turtles, Red Eared sliders, Different types of Box turtles, and a few others. All of the animals in the sanctuary are healthy and they each have their own personality. Some are shy and some are quite outgoing. Some will hide from you and others will come out to sniff you out. Working with turtles has taught us something, each turtle has it's own unique personality. We are showcasing six of our turtles here. You can sponsor them, or any of the turtles here at the Turtle Rescue League.

"Aren't I just too cute?"
Hi, my name is Precious. I am Gulf Coast Box Turtle and I have had a very difficult life. I was a WILD turtle, born FREE. I was in a forest fire at one point in my life, and have the scars on my shell to prove it and was attacked by a raccoon and had my little turtle hands chewed up. I also was abused by one of my owners. I was saved
A forest fire left her with the dark burns on her shell
by a wonderful woman named Dr Barbara Bonner. She was a VET that specialized in helping us turtles, traveling around the world saving turtles. When she passed away I was cared for by a nice couple and they helped me get back on my little feet. The Turtle Rescue League has taken me in and given me a wonderful new home. I am the resident 'pain in the butt'. I am not afraid of most things... and I get into trouble quite a bit here at the Sanctuary. I like taking a dip in my pond and sleeping under my sunlight and I just LOVE chasing crickets around and gobbling them up. If you would like to sponsor me please click here.

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Snapping turtles posess a prehistoric beauty
I'm Nibbles, and don't you forget it. I came to the Turtle Rescue League as a baby. I weighed 3/4 of an ounce. I looked like a little bug. I am a Snapping Turtle. I have been in the sanctuary since June 21, 2009. I was a picky eater at first, but I will eat most anything now. I weigh about 3 pounds, and am quite a personality. I like to
Here comes Nibbles!
drown my lettuce before I eat it. ( I hold it down with my foot, under water). I am smart and figure stuff out. If you watch me in my tank you can see me figuring out problems. I like to educate visitors to the sanctuary about how sweet and personable a snapping turtle can be. We are not scary monsters, but I wouldn't dangle your finger in my tank, it looks an awfully lot like a worm. Sponsor me !!!!

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He is a very elusive little guy, perferring to dig and hide most of the day.
Hi, my name is Percy and I am a three-toed box turtle. I wandered free for over a half century, watching the world change and staying unseen. My home went from rolling fields and forests to roads and neighborhoods, yet I remained hidden. One day though, I was surprised and captured! That was the last time I saw my home, as I was packed and shipped with other turtles like myself to pet stores across the country.

I found myself in a strange world with turtles that swim all day, stranded on a concrete platform, surrounded by water. This was a terrible place for me, too cool and wet, and with no place to dig and burrow. I got very sick
"These worms are delicious!"
and thought I would die, until a man and a woman came in to rescue me. I was brought to an amazing woman named Dr Bonner, who showed the couple how to nurse me back to health.

Those nice people cared for me for over a decade, keeping me warm and comfortable. Today I am in a great new home, where I can dig, borrow, and hunt the occasional cricket or mealworm. I've lived ninety or more years and finally I am happy to have a quiet place to call my own.

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Sergeant Pockets
Old sarge out on patrol.
At ease soldier, my name is Sergeant Pockets! I am a red-eared slider. You can see by my worn, yet majestic grey and black shell, I've lived a long life, not always an easy one though. Sometimes, I am a little gruff and grumpy. My shell has been patched and my body is tired, but we military types are hard to defeat. I love mealworms and crickets, but sometimes you will catch me eating my veggies too.

Grumble... "These young ones mistake me for a rock..."
I once was someone's loved pet, but they needed to find me a new home. They probably never knew what happened to me, when my new home became a prison. I found myself sold into the food trade, fighting for my life among many other captured pet turtles. I took charge of all my fellow prisoners, keeping their spirits up, until we could plan an escape. Just as we were all becoming ill from the conditions of our confinement, Alexxia and Patty of the Turtle Rescue League busted us out! I, like all the survivors, was very sick, but was nursed back to health. I am enjoying my new home and retirement, taking charge of my tank and the two young whippersnappers that live with me.

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Weighing a little over an ounce, She acts like she is fifty pound turtle.
Hey you... FEED ME !!!! (Turtle laughing). I'm Tumbles, a snapping turtle. I was born August 17th 2010. I was in a group of eggs found in a construction site that were badly mishandled. Out of 23 eggs, I was the only turtle
Despite her size, when she bites on, she doesn't let go.
who hatched. I came out a little malformed. I don't have a tail, and my back legs are at a slightly turned up angle. But don't make fun of me... or I'll bite you. I am WILD... and a little crazy. I am going to live at the Sanctuary for a while, and live the good life. (Turtle growling )

(yes... she is cute and very funny and a little crazy, she is about the size of a silver dollar with the attitude of a pit bull) Sponsor her... SHE REALLY NEEDS IT !!

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Weighing barely over an ounce this turtle is full size.
Hi, I am Donut. I am one of the rarest turtles you will ever see. Although I look like a typical red eared slider, I am not. I am 13 years old, but I never grew since I was a hatchling. I weigh a little over an ounce and am a
"Sometimes my big brother lets me climb up for more sun."
little bigger than a silver dollar. I most likely have some kind of dwarfism, along with bad care in my early life. Me and my bigger brother Dunkin are here at the Turtle Rescue League being well cared for. I will never grow any bigger than what I am right now. Although I don't eat very much, it takes a lot to care for me. Sponsor me !!!!

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If you would like to sponsor any of the turtles in our sanctuary please let us know. This is a great way to make a difference in a turtle's life, without all of the expense and difficulty of actually owning a turtle. Sponsorship also allows you to come and visit with the turtle. Sponsorship is great for schools, classrooms, and groups.

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